Blog Templates for BlogSpot Users

When starting your own blog site, it's important that you will be able to make it look attractive and unique; you don't want it to look just like any other hastily made BlogSpot account designed to direct traffic to bogus sites. You will need credibility, as well as a fun space where visitors would like to come back often and have access to a well-organized, and easy to navigate blog site. In doing this, you will need to choose among the numerous blog templates for BlogSpot available online.

Some BlogSpot bloggers have the luxury of time and the skills to be able to build their blog site from scratch, but for most people, this is not a viable option. It's easier and more practical to use blog templates for BlogSpot because it will save time and would be easier to do.

BlogSpot is a blogging site hosted by Google. It is one of the most popular free blogging sites today with numerous accounts being started each day. This popularity has led to many template designers to come up with blog templates for BlogSpot designs. Many of them are being offered for free while there are also sites that sell blog templates for BlogSpot for a minimal fee.

Unlike before, blog templates for BlogSpot that are being used today are highly customizable, so despite a host of others using the same template, you will still be able to make it your own. It's also unlikely that you will be able to find a BlogSpot template that would look exactly like your own. Despite the great number of BlogSpot users, there are even more blog templates for BlogSpot that you can find online.

Many of these templates can be categorized into distinct types of interests or themes that are relevant to many popular searches. For those that love horses, you can have a horse themed blog site. These themes can also be great for use in affiliate blogs to further drive the message it wants to deliver. Say you are promoting a retail clothing store that is based on Disney characters; you can then use a Disney themed template.

Using a simple online search, you can find endless sources of blog templates for BlogSpot. Many are already amazing as is, but you still have the option of tweaking it for personalization. In fact, you don't even have to possess great programming skills to custom fit the template to fit your image. This can be a fun filled activity and you can always make changes or have a new template anytime you want

Blog Design Layout - Easy to Use Tips

Having a blog is overtaking the Internet and is definitely becoming the best way to get started with any online business. They are much easier to set up and maintain than the standard websites. The one thing that a lot of beginners are not seeing is that they need to still be customizing their blogs to match their business and/or personality.

There are some very easy to follow tips on just how someone can customize their blog design layout so they get noticed with all the millions of blogs out there today.

Your header of your blog - do not use the standard headers that come with blogs, even if you have downloaded a free theme, get your own personal header done. If you are familiar with photo shop or other type of graphic editor use it to add your business name and logo. If not it is not that expensive to find a professional that will do it for you.

Be unique - add your own voice to your blog. You can write about anything these days, be creative and following your passions.

Add video - today video is very hot and most are coming use to seeing some type of video on blogs and websites. Don't be afraid to create your own videos, you can even go to places like you tube and grab videos that are related to your niche. If you can use software like power point that is another way to create your own videos with ease. You don't want these videos to be long, keep them short and to the point.

Pictures - people love to see what they are buying if you are selling products, there are lots of place online that you can get pictures of your products. Always always have a picture of yourself on your blog, this makes you blog more personal and friendly to visitors. They want to see they are dealing with a real person.

Your navigation - this is so over looked by many, make sure that your navigation is easy to understand and it states what is on that page. Don't hide your navigation where your visitors have to hunt for what they want.

 Color schemes - keep your blog layout design colors to soft and quiet colors. You don't have to get wild with colors, most visitors will leave as they are there to read your content and having too many wild colors can distract them.

Forms on your blog - you should always have a way for visitors to sign up for your newsletter or free gift so you can keep in contact with them. Having a form on your blog is very easy to do you don't have to know HTML coding or understand it at all, it is simply copy and paste into a simple place and you have a form.

Keeping these blog design layout tips in mind when you are setting up your blog will make things easier for you and will definitely help you stand out from all the other blogs out there within your niche.

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